The girls at Warped. I had such a blast, especially the surprise show! ☀️😚 #warpedtour2014 @linkinpark

Unsimple kind of life 💔

2 notes   -  20 August 2014

You are unique.


There has never been anyone exactly like you, nor will there be anyone with your gifts and abilities in the future. Stand up straight, smile and share your uniqueness with the world today.

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But even harder then finding the strength is being positive it’s the right decision. 💔


Love conquers all

Please remember that love should come before anything else in your brain. Don’t let the fear of being let down determine what your future should be like. Especially when you know for a fact that the love is mutual. Everything can always be mended.

  -  11 August 2014

An ear to listen.

I just recently realized a lot of things in my life that were normally there aren’t any longer. Maybe I was too busy to notice, and sometimes too egotistical to admit it. I haven’t had an actual person in these past days to let me be me. But who can blame them. Sometimes it’s too easy for me to cut them off. All I needed was that one person to let me let it all out and really listen to me for just a moment, my life isn’t where I want it to be. Stuff isn’t as its supposed to be. And as a perfectionist I just wanted that person to understand why I haven’t felt like myself and have been reacting completely in such a way that it’s hard to recognize this Kathy. And now there’s an entirely giant tear in me. Its getting hard to bare. I miss being a kid, life wasn’t so overwhelming. I feel like it continues to kick me even when I’m down. I never thought I could miss someone so much to the point of feeling breathless. I act so much like I have it all together sometimes I feel guilty saying what I feel like so I won’t loose control of My heart. There’s a constant worry for certain people in my life and the fear I feel like our relationships are deteriorating. All I just need is an ear.

  -  11 August 2014

  -  10 August 2014

The Famous Mr. Alvarado 💋 #lateMCM

"Crimson and clover, over and over." #happyfriday


"This is #BigBrother, stop telling the truth." #bb16

Birthday sushi. 😛 #yourelikereallypretty #regram #tbt  (at Octopus Burbank)